The Bright Media Management hero section and logo of the company that I designed

Three entrepreneurial high school friends and I teamed up to tackle the lack of social media usage within small business sectors. Bright Media Management LLC was created in 2018 and I was appointed co-founder and Head of Content Creation. My job was to manage the creation of content for all company clients, as well as manage relations and content delivery. I communicated the social media management plan with the clients monthly, held personal and digital meetings with our clients, and finally carried out large media projects such as video editing, photo editing, and brand revitalization. Since the company was a small team, I manage updates for the company website and restructure the newsfeed every month, making sure to provide the most recent content for anyone to see online.

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The Team | 2018-2019



As any entrepreneur knows, starting up a company takes effort, dedication, and determination to even become a profitable business model. The first thing that my experience at BM taught me is to polish the infrastructure on all fronts so that the business has a stable foundation to build on. Having prior experience in file management and project management made me the lead of designing our file management infrastructure. From the ground up, I created a working file tree that broke our startup into distinguishable categories: Client Files, Personal Documentation, and Startup Files (website, business cards, etc).


As co-founder and Head of Content Creation, one of the practices that I focused on was graphic design both for the company and for clients. From the infrastructure stage of designing logos, to the final months of my involvement stitching together complex photoshop renderings, I always had my work cut out in the design category. Some great examples of my design work include, but is not limited to, the company logo and business cards (seen on the left), the company website and all graphics within that website, the entire beginning portion of the @JumaFit Instagram from November 2018 until July 2019, posters and video productions for JumaFit, personal wellness Instagram coverage for Blanca Grinkovich (personal trainer at JumaFit), photoshoot procedure manual for best photoshoot results, content calendar creation for monthly Social Media tracking (both company and client), and artistic renderings of real-estate properties.


One of the fundamental requirements for any successful company, especially during the initial months, is sales and client onboarding. Because Bright Media only consisted of four aspiring designers, we had to get our hands dirty and go pitch our services to businesses all around Ventura County. Focusing on the City of Ventura downtown district, I and my sales partner knocked on every business that fit our target audience and sold them on our service of media and social media management. We created a sales packet (pages seen on the right photo) to help us illustrate the level of production quality that we want to bring to the brands of Ventura. This helped my mental fortitude in not backing down when sales were tough, and to continue to push. We gained three new longterm clients willing to pay our monthly rate of $1000+ to boost their brand involvement in social media sectors.