A preview of the photographic quality
of work that led to this collection!

Photography and digital creation were, hands down, the first passion I found that introduced me to fundamental computational concepts. Moreover, photography was the bridge that transitioned me to engineering due to technological exposure. One way that I practiced photography was through highschool classes that challenged my knowledge of design and my camera, so when AP 2D Art became an option in my high school course load I made the effort to take it. AP 2D Art taught me the concept of subject matter, elements of design, and concept planning that all provided me a foundation for the final project: an AP Portfolio to send to CollegeBoard for review. Blow, you will find an in-depth description of the journey of curating my work, what the work means, and the various sections within the overarching portfolio collection.

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This short video captures my personality, goals, and passions within my career. Find out how I got started in this industry and what excites me.



As the first of three sections within the portfolio, the Quality section serves as the best 5 pieces of work form the other two categories (Focus and Breadth). This work is some of the best photography I have produced and I stand behind its qualitative validity wholeheartedly. The first photo of the head buried in the dirt was part of the self-portrait series, and has shifted into the best photo of the entire series. This is because of its use of external props, color grading, and symbolism.


This is the primary section of the AP 2D portfolio, and has content and visual themes that drove my artistic curation and photo-taking. In my collection of pieces, I encapsulate what I visualize when I think of discovery and travel. I have always been surrounded by adventure and travel since early on in my life, so reproducing those feelings for a viewer seemed like a great approach. I planned the incorporation of symbolism for observing one's surroundings in a travel scenario. Taking photos of people using optical tools (in this case a pair of binoculars and glasses) are examples of this. The feel of each photo is meant to draw the viewer in and cherish the moment captured while gathering their own sense of freedom that discovery brings. I find that feelings of discovery are often brought on by movement and is shown in the form of skateboarding, which was my first mode of independent transportation.


As the last section in the AP Portfolio, the ‘Breadth’ section is meant to show my artistic capability across many mediums. In this section, I curated my best photos from all sorts of different photographic and analog methods. Within the realm of photography, I made sure to include some landscape photography, some action photography, and some deeper Photoshoping work to prove my vast reach within the digital arts. As for the analog art, I included a detailed pen drawing and a self-portrait wood engraving; these prove that I can apply the lessons I have learned throughout the course to more than just digital photographs.